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Chris continues his 20+ year legacy of great music and the AC Press agrees...

“If part of the draw of live music is the camaraderie and banter between audience and musician, then we recommend checking out Chris Yoder. Yoder, who has played with various bands and musicians over the course of his 20-plus year music career, has hit a home run with his “Chris Yoder Band” with a lot of music and a keen sense of humor.”
~ Danielle Davies - Press of AC - At the Shore


“Chris Yoder is one of the most versatile singers playing in the area. His broad singing range and well mixed cover song choices make him the one artist to see live more than once. Always a fun time!”
~ Scott Cronick - Nightlife at the Shore


“Chris Yoder's original take on cover songs makes him the one artist to see live. He truly imitates the songs that he plays... his shows feel like listening to the radio!”
~ Dani Gomes - Happenings at the Shore magazine

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